Sarajevo weather

We’ve been in Bosnia, my husband’s home country now just over a week, visiting my mother-in-law, and joining in on the family celebrations of slava.

During our stay I’ve been taking time to read Tim Flannery’s The Weather Makers. The History and Future Impact of Climate Change. It’s fascinating, informative, funny, but to no surprise the content doesn’t exactly make you jump with joy.

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On some level provoked by the book, I’m here to give you an update on what the weather’s been like here the last 9 days:
On arrival (Mon 10.12.) there was lots of snow, especially up on the mountain, and the midday temperature was a around five degrees below zero.
On Wednesday 12.12. we had a night temperature at -25, while during the day it rouse to -18.
By Friday the snow started to melt with the rising temperature due to the South winds. This gave the scenery the feel of an early April, and it left the roads slippery and icy in parts, wet and soft in others.
Strong winds and light rain were with us on the mountains throughout theweekend, and now on Tuesday, it’s time for some new snow to fall in.


This is an area of an unpredictable weather by default, yet I find myself thinking how much of these drastic changes in a short amount of time are due to climate change (caused significantly by us humans)…

On a different perspective it’s been a great week. Eating the home-grown eggs and chicken, enjoying the home-made yoghurt and cheeses, breathing the fresh mountain air. Lots of reading done, some new plans, plenty of good energy.


Resolutions will be published here, with an anticipation to learn about yours too: plans, objectives, projects. Let there be many, enough to slow down the warming of the planet. It’s not as difficult as it may seem, this I’ve learned from Mr. Flannery – my new idol.

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