2013 project

This blog started as ‘SloSimple’ referring to a slow and simple ilfestyle in Slovenia. Initially this was a one family project of what happens when looking into a slower, simpler, and greener way of life. An easy-going family life while respecting the nature, other people, and ourselves.

In the midst of the year 2012 financial crisis, symptoms of climate change, and political turmoil, it felt important, almost inevitable, to take action. So we set out on a challenge for the year 2013.

As personal actions contribute to public views and shifts – and vice versa – and the future is not steered merely from the parliament houses and secret ivory towers, but from the bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens of private people, we, a small family in Ljubljana, wanted to join in.

— Or so we thought —

Only two months into the project we found ourselves trading the city life to living in the mountains. We had a list of things we’d cut down, how to change the way we’re using power, and aims at small-scale self-sufficiency (see below). Though our circumstances have changed, the goals written back then still work as a good guideline, and I’ll be returning to them every now and then.

So, as it turns out, we’re now running a small guesthouse close to Sarajevo, Bosnia (though we’ll never leave Ljubljana, Slovenia completely). We have a garden, some chickens, and a goat. More animals we’ll be joining us during this year, we hope. We have houses that are heated by wood, we pick our own berries and mushrooms, and we’ll be learning as we go along, what more we can do with our hands.

This is what I wrote as goals for 2013, while we were still in Ljubljana:


  • the number of disposable diapers to 18 per week (from about 28 pieces per week)
  • the number of full garbage bags to 3 per week, incl. diapers (from about 5 bags per week)
  • the number of industrial cat food to 7 bags of 100 grams per week (from 10 bags per week)

Become more self-sufficient in:

  • baked goods: bake most bread at home
  • herbs: grow all herbs at home
  • salads: grow some salad at home

Save energy by:

  • putting electrical devices OFF instead of stand-by
  • washing only full machine loads of laundry or dishes
  • keeping inside temperature in winter time at max 20 degrees
  • changing majority of lights to energy saving bulbs

Other attempts

  • buying anything possible used, re-cycled, up-cycled, or immaterial (clothes, furniture, books, music, other entertainment)
  • giving away goods and items we don’t need (to Bosnia)
  • having 2 vegetarian food days per week
  • learning to use baking soda and vinegar for cleaning

These are our measurable initiatives for the year 2013. They are modest ones, yet enough to make a difference, if practiced by many. Along the way we hope to find more methods to accommodate the chosen lifestyle.

The ‘results’ of the cutting down project are here.

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