Rewild – our way

Our family has been rewilding since February 2013, when we moved to live on the mountain, in Bosnia. The change of lifestyle came almost by chance, but the more we spend our time in the nature, with our animals and among the wild, the more we enjoy it. Our home is next to the wild nature, our business, the mountain lodge is in the middle of deep spruce forests.

Rewilding for us is a mixture of free ranging our child, spending a lot of time outside, respecting nature and wildlife, enjoying our spare time with our animals, choosing to eat local, pursuing to grow and even hunt our food. Living slow, simple, and connected to the nature – feeling more grounded.

The process is complex. We’re certainly not loving it all the time. We miss the joys of city life, the convenience of restaurants and supermarkets and home deliveries. Hence we try to balance our lifestyle by visiting the town, be it Sarajevo, Ljubljana, or Helsinki.

We’re not even thinking of living off the grid completely, no matter how we admire people who do. We do dream of travelling near and far, to exploring and enjoying other natural wonders than what we have here, and we dream of one day building our own low impact house, perhaps even earth sheltered.

Physically our Mt Rewild exists in Bosnia, about 15 km from downtown Sarajevo, in and around a village called Vučja Luka. That is where we run Vukov Konak, the mountain lodge, and where our home is. It’s at an altitude of 1300 meters, with plenty of woods, cattle grazing areas, and gentle peaked and stony mountains around.


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  1. Heidi says:

    What a great journey. I just stumbled upon your blog, and I just feel like reading more and more. One of the most interesting things about it, is the happiness you find in breaking free from consumerism, capitalism, society finding your roots again. We don’t spend enough time in nature, appreciating it, understanding it and learning from it. I’m originally from Bosnia, I’m so happy you’re enjoying it in the way that so many people don’t even realise they can.

    1. Nepu says:

      Thanks Heidi! Your comment really made me smile 🙂 So thanks! I’m happy this is reaching people like you, who share some of the views and joys we do. And however difficult this change of scenery sometimes is, just to let you know, your native country is truly amazing! Hugs from the mountain – and know you’re always welcome at our guesthouse!

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