Miracle makers

I’ve been interested in living green for years. But it took this project to fully commit to the change.

IMG_3905– If you don’t need it, somebody else might! –

Reading about climate change or global warming subjects can be overwhelming. I’ve experienced moments of despair. I’ve thought it’s too late already, or that it doesn’t matter what I do. I’ve been angry. I’ve been sad.

But then comes the next moment. The next day. And I see another miracle maker. They are ordinary people like you and me. Individuals. Families and neighbours and groups of friends. Companies and corporations. What I’m realising is that no matter how small the action, it counts. Every time you decide to go green, organic, or ecological, you become a miralce maker.

IMG_7399– Ljubljana promotes drinking tap water. Several wells are scattered around the city. –

Choose walking or biking instead of driving.

Rail travel instead of air travel.

Sort and separate your garbage.

Reduce the amount of packaging (and waste).

Organise a garage sale (don’t simply throw away).

Buy green energy.

Lower the temperature at home – put on some woollen goodies.

Grow your own vegetables.

Promote green areas in your neighbourhood and city development.

Buy organic. Buy local. By seasonal.

Give the extra two euros for environmental (or other charity) work.

Consider not buying, if you don’t need it.

Choose used, re-cycled, up-cycled products instead of new ones.

Choose the A+++ marked home appliances.

It takes understanding your impact on the environment, and finding individual ways to make your life more green, more sustainable, more meaningful.

IMG_8136– Biking, bying local, bying seasonal. The best! –

I hope you’ll be challenged and inspired. There are numerous ways to take action. There are endless ways of being a miracle maker.

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