For the love of books – and sharing

I love books. I really enjoy holding a book, reading one, finding one for the first time.

I love the feel of flipping the pages, the touch of paper, I love to read the back covers, to be in awe of the front cover design. I love to nest in an armchair, with a pile of books and a cup of tea next to me. And read, read, read.

What comes naturally with this is buying books. As a result: I’ve got too many. Right now the amount is somewhere around 500 books. Not much actually, but for being the only one in my family that actually loves to read (or knows how to…), the books seem to be wasting their lives hanging around in my bookshelf.


Wondering how to put the books into better use, in November 2012 I opened my own small neighbourhood library. I invited friends in Ljubljana to join, and share the books. We had an opening party, drinking wine, talking about, well, less about the books, and more of everything else. It was a fine gathering, a thoroughly enjoyable evening with friends and their families.

I feel I’ve already accomplished one of the missions. Finding more meaning to owning something, sharing it, enjoying it together. And naturally, this gives me a permission to buy some more – I mean, the library needs to grow, right? For the year 2013 it’s just going to be used books section, that I’ll be spending my money in.

Nepu's books

What’s lying in your basement, in the corner of the room, or the back of the closet? Unused, sorry for not being of service to anyone? What do you have you could share?

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