Morning walk

Surrounded by people – people that I love: my family, our volunteers and friends, our guests at Vukov konak, but people none the less – I miss quiet time, alone time. As a way to find space for that I’ve decided to go on morning walks as often as I can.

I take one dog (at the moment our total count is seven!) and venture out on the mountain for an hour or two. Easy as that. And really, the unbelievable, breathtaking nature is just outside our doorstep!

There’s very few things in life that make me happier, or more zen. Oh, and not just the mind, it might be good for the body, too 😉

This Sunday I took our husky mix Luan with me. Luan is one of those once in a lifetime kind of companions. A superb dog I really hold close to my heart.

IMG_1608 IMG_1649 IMG_1619

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