When mum is happy

For the year 2015 I wrote ‘a project’ to focus on me. After years of being pregnant and breastfeeding, I needed to take time for myself, to feel healthier and happier. Walking, meditating, doing yoga.

Well, I did do all of that. Perhaps not quite as much as I thought I would. But more than in the recent years, nevertheless. I enjoyed, to my own surprise, most of all the meditation. I’ve used online material,  I’ve listened to meditative throat singing as well as guided meditations, whatever to fit the mood and moment. There’s so much available!

But – again to my surprise, going for walks or doing yoga or not – I was able to let go of a lot of negativity, as if by magic, there was joy, pleasure, and fun! And that actually was the main goal.

Though partly it might have been magic, it also has to do with people I met and got to love, the looong, wonderful summer, and learning more about myself and the Universe. (More on that in a post later.)


So, at the end of the year I find my project worked out unbelievably well.
I still feel tired often, but I can honestly say I’m happy. Happiness from about a year ago has multiplied. We went on dates with my husband, we had a summer holiday (a few, actually, couple of days here and there), and really enjoyed our everyday life here on the mountain.

Now, in this family, right this moment, mum is happy. And when mum is happy, the whole family is happy. Or so I hope!

The vibe is more upbeat at home. There’s more energy to work and play and plan new ventures. I’m happier with myself, I smile more, I need a little less sleep. The kids pick up my mood so easily, that it really makes a difference! (It’s not all up to me, of course, but as this was something I could do to add to the happiness of our home, I’m glad I focused on that.)

Not that this is new to me (or many others), but I got reminded again: Dreaming wild and big, writing things down, making plans, and whispering your hopes in the air, it actually works.

And just as the year was over, I ran into this on Facebook. Spot on!

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