Spare time joys

I find myself making plans. For distant future, if any. They might come true, or not. But the moments that I’m not reading (Unlearn, Rewild, or The Complete Buddhism for Mothers, or Home Grown – all fabulously captivating books, by the way), I am drawing a future house.

In the forest. Or with a fantastic mountain view. Who knows.

IMG_5085I’ve recently started dreaming of buying more land and expanding the farm. I see chickens and bunnies and more goats. And other animals. Plenty of them. I see space for a dog shelter for homeless dogs looking for their forever home, and a dog hotel for dogs whose families are going travelling. And I smile when I think about this. I get excited! I’m ridiculously certain something good and real will come up.

All the while I’m making these plans, I find it difficult to actually draw the physical house. I see a light and the natural, raw building materials and plenty of odd choices. But I don’t see the complete house. Even that gets me thrilled!

There are two music videos that have caught my attention, one years ago, the other just now. There’s something about these videos – the light, their locations, the air, the forests? – that have something to do with the new house. In the distant future. We shall see!

Here they are, without explanations, you see for yourself.

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