It’s all coming together – surprisingly, momentarily

Space for me to be me, settling on the mountain and Bosnia, and rewilding the family. Check, check, check.

To be honest I am surprised. I’ve reached a lot of my objectives for this year.

I’ve been writing. This blog. Another blog and some articles in Finnish. My journal. I’ve also bought some thought provoking, but easy books, to push myself to write even more. I’ve been reading. Actually a lot of it online, all good stuff, new blogs and newly found websites. I’ve been working on the mountain inn’s website, taking care of animals, fixing small things at the inn.

After an early summer bad patch, rejecting and resenting, I’m now at a state that I really appreciate the mountain and Bosnia. I’ve reached a point where I think this is good for me and us. I don’t mind the changing weather, the not-your-usual Balkan summer, I don’t worry about the kids’ schooling, I don’t listen to the negativity and pessimism, the everyday chant of the locals. I have somehow found new hope and happiness here.

For that I am grateful.

We’ve done rewilding as a family. We’ve been outside, we’ve gone hiking, we’ve enjoyed time together in a new way: our daughter is at an age where learning, exploring, and research happen everyday. And what bliss to know that phase never needs to end!

I’m happy to watch her grow. I see her taking steps away from me, she allows others to comfort her and she’s not afraid to run along with our dogs, far ahead of me.
She knows I’ll be there.

It gives me great joy to know we can offer the rock from where she can jump and fly. Fully trusting that her wings will carry her. And when she looks back, we’ll be there.
That’s rewilding for the whole family.

We’ll be travelling soon to Ljubljana, Slovenia, to wait for our second kiddo to join us.
I’m excited to go, although I’ll most likely miss a lovely August on the mountain and the 20th anniversary of the Sarajevo Film Festival, among other things. But there’ll be the late summer days and the long beautiful autumn. (There will be Film Festival next year, too.)
And from this trip, I’ll be bringing home a new family member
– nothing, nothing beats that!


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  1. Congratulations on meeting so many goals for the year! I love the photography of your recent adventures… it looks like you all are having a blast 🙂

  2. Nepu says:

    Thanks Caitlin! We are having fun 🙂 And that is what’s a little surprising: that it all happened without too much effort, with just a shout out to the universe, a strong wish, and the ‘right’ mindset. There are many things on the list I’d still like to check off, but soon it’s time to fully focus on the new kid, so we shall see 🙂

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