For the slow afternoons

As a large part of the country has been affected by severe flooding, I feel almost embarrassed to say we’re doing well and had nearly no trouble with the storm that hit Bosnia last week. We’re on the mountain and most of the rain turned out to be snow up here – it affects the ground at a slower pace than the heavy rains.

Today there’s almost no trace of the snow that fell between Wednesday and Friday last week, and we’re enjoying a nice, sunny weather.

We had an afternoon walk with Iita, coming home from Vukov konak, our mountain inn. Even the lodge cat Cicko joined us for the first kilometer, or so.

And all the while walking I was thinking: ‘This is why I’m here’. To enjoy afternoons with our daughter and animals, to teach her how to stay on the side of the road as a car drives by, to watch with her as the forest stream runs, throw small stones in it, and shout for cows we think are somewhere nearby. Having absolutely no rush, stopping at the local shop, and buying us both a some ice cream.


This family and the occassionally unbeliavably slow life is what I’m here, on the mountain and in Bosnia, for.

The last week Bosnia has been suffering from flooding in large areas of the country. The situation is slowly easing off, but there are still many cities and villages with difficulties, such as broken road connections, landslides, cars and entire houses sliding away with the muddy ground and water. Even the still existing mine fields are threatning to shift and move from the original, known and marked spots, causing yet another danger.

There are significant aid measures taking place, with the help of local and international armed forces and NGO’s. The ex-Yugoslavian diaspora all around the world seems to be extremely interested and willing to help, too, as there are several aid convoys coming into the country.

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  1. So sorry to hear of the flooding that your country is facing. Hoping things dry up soon!

    1. Nepu says:

      Thanks Caitlin! Luckily the rains have stopped, but a lot of people are still in great troubles. This kind of catastrophy is always difficult and serious, because even the aid workers can’t reach all places. The number of people in need of help etc. is hard to determin, and there are only estimates. Hopefully the worst case scenarios do not take place. Thanks for keeping up with my posts, all the best from the mountain!

  2. 😦 I hope that everyone affected by the landslides and flooding is okay.

    I really love that that cat went for a walk with you.

    1. Nepu says:

      Hey Marina,
      And thanks! I think people and organisations are doing the best they can, we’re just hoping the worst is really over now. And yes, the cat is great, Cicko loves walking with us. We’ve got two cats, one at home and this Cicko at the inn, and they both routinely join us for walks 🙂

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