Sync and zen

I was doing the dishes (yes, hand washing, no dish washer in this house) this morning, when the ‘you’ve got mail’ ring went off. I’m subscribing to Zenhabits, and their newsletter just popped in my inbox.

Checking the first lines, I had to put the dishes aside (still waiting) and read it all. Then continue to the website and read some more.

After my previous post on Thursday I’m quite excited – and giggly happy – to feel synchronised. Leo Babauta, Zenhabits, has posted this about not knowing and entrepreneurship (though already five months ago). He says: “You don’t really know how things will turn out. And this is OK. In fact, it’s pretty awesome.” Continuing to read the website I saw this, one of several business advices:

“Screw the business plan. Planning, like perfection, is useless and stands in your way. Sure, you want to think things through, but planning is based on faulty information (we can’t know the future). Instead, experiment. Get started. Do. Then see what happens, and adjust. Flexibility is much more important than a good plan.”

How reassuring to read someone’s thoughts racing the same tracks!

The sunny mountain seems to be very zen, and I can continue washing the dishes. Wishing you a great Saturday!


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  1. Never heard of that website before but after a visit, I am hooked! Love living life with zen, experiments, and taking each day as it comes! Thanks for the great share.

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