I’m writing with my eyes closed as I’m trying to focus, haha!  I’ve wanted to get back to blogging for a while. I’ve wanted to focus on creativity, it seems to be time!

The year has been a game changer for me. For us.

I’ve started writing for a living again, with a monthly column in a Finnish magazine ‘Kodin Kuvalehti’ – and I’m absolutely loving it!

I’ve started running rewilding retreats. Something I dreamt of doing for years! Until the day I simply said, NOW. I decided on the date, announced it on social media, and ran my first one. It was amazing! This is what my soul needs me to do!

And our Vukov konak just won Grand Prix at the BIG SEE Tourism Awards in Ljubljana for Creative Story and Identity! This caught us both by such a surprise, just to be nominated was huge!

During this year I’ve been able to focus on my spiritual path stronger, deeper and wider than ever. I’m loving the direction it’s showing me, as it’s gently taking me flying high, as well as getting rooted like never. (There’ll be more posts about this, I’m sure!)

Also our older kiddo started home education officially, we’re making our move (part of the year only!) to Finland, plus some other bigger and smaller plans, decisions, and dreams are happening. Whoa!

Now, why all this? It’s just to say, it’s been one full, crazy, amazing year!

And it’s to say that the blog is back and it’ll find its course, too. I’m more into rewilding than ever, now all I need to do is focus a tad.


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