Warm bubble of home

Today I thought about harmony. How I crave for it, how I enjoy it. And how I find myself going off-balance when something messes with the momentarily found harmony.

I find balance and harmony in kindness, warmth, compassion. In nature and in beauty. With children and animals. My house doesn’t need to be tidy (and it never is, I assure you). Projects don’t need to be finished and to do lists all ticked off. I can live with a lot of mess, although I’d prefer clarity, emptiness even. But life is messy and I’m quite fine with it.

And of course, in our messy lives, we all handle unpleasant situations. All the time. There’s unnecessary trouble or inconsiderate people, everyday. We handle it, shrug our shoulders and move on.

But, to be able to feel at home is pretty amazing. Essential to harmony, I think. To live in kindness and warmth. To watch children and animals and the late afternoon sun.

Now, this is my bubble and I happily admit it. The compassion and the natural beauty.
All flowing, all laughing.

It’s just so good to be home.


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  1. kayakinjohn says:

    Nice bubble to have

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