Two homes

I began my blogging ‘career’ years back, in Finland, with a blog called ‘Kahdessa paikassa’, translates to ‘In two places’. It appeared in a local online newspaper in the countryside and my posts were about living in and loving my two homes: rural Bromarv and Helsinki (capital city of Finland).

I moved away from Finland in 2010, and now, after 4,5 years, I find myself in a similar situation: Loving two places, this time Ljubljana, Slovenia and our mountain in Bosnia.

My girls and I were in Ljubljana last week, spending time with friends and enjoying the beautiful October weather there. Such joy and happiness! Actually so much so that I began to dream about moving back. We shall see.

And now, back on the mountain, the last couple of days have been wonderful too. Fabulous weather – before the snow, due in a few days – and lots of feel good vibes!

Though a piece of my heart will always stay in Finland, these two places in the doorstep and the western Balkans are my home. It is a privilege to be able to move without borders, to be allowed to live where one feels most at home. A privilege I truly don’t take for granted anymore.

Since I was a child, I knew I wanted to ‘go’. Not knowing what that meant exactly, I was only dreaming. I heard names of places and imagined what it would be like there. Sarajevo was one of those places. I’m humbled and grateful to find myself living here, mere kilometers from downtown Sarajevo. And I have never been happier in my life, than while living in Ljubljana.

How we split our time between the two remains to be seen. But as for now, at the end of October 2014, I’m more excited than I’ve been in a long time to explore the options!

Last week in Ljubljana:


This week on the mountain:

IMG_6194 IMG_6189 IMG_6187IMG_6164Love where you live? Or a place you’ve left behind? Still to find the love of your life? Would be great to hear where you have been happy and where your heart has found its home.

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  1. Tori says:

    From age 7 to 13 I lived in an old farmhouse that had something like an acre of land. It was about 10 feet away from a small forest. We didn’t have any animals other than a dog, but I still loved it. I think my favorite thing was having so much land (compared to the small yards I was used to) to be able to walk around and explore. There was the old barn that I made a hide-out of. There was the stream that was behind our neighbor’s yard, that they let me go visit anytime I wanted. There was the huge tree that had a branch super close to the ground, so I could easily get myself up into it. And there were the deer, rabbits, and even coyotes to admire regularly. I still think about it 7 years later. My biggest regret is I took it all for granted. I didn’t explore as much as I could’ve. Also, there was a pear and an apple tree, and we never ate any of the fruit!

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